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Currently working at a Dealership and looking for a change? Recently completed an Automotive Program and ready to take a plunge? Looking to turn your hobby into a career?
No problem -
we are always looking to hire the right candidate.

It's more than torquing in wheels to spec. More than just draining oil, replacing the filter, filling up with oil again and then resetting the service indicator. At Torx Motorsports, we take repairing your vehicles seriously. We understand that vehicles are essential to our everyday lives - we need them to get to work, take our kids to school, pick up family from the airport, etc. With every car that comes through our doors we make sure our customers are fully informed on the health of their vehicles and all repairs are not only recommended, but actually needed.

Whether you have 20+ years of experience or none at all - we recognize that we all have to start somewhere. If this sounds like a good fit and/or you would like more information, reach out to us by completing the for below!

Let's Get Started

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